Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida Film Festival

Hung posters today for the Florida Film Festival around beautiful Celebration... I wasn't as successful as I had hoped. I couldn't get approval from the big kahuna who apparently owns the whole town; so, I only managed to get a poster up in Starbucks. Though the Presbyterian Church agreed to put one out at their staff meeting next week. Here, look at this and pretend you saw it in the specialty hummel shop downtown.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've undertaken a new project: Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith. Her books are really inspiring. I've been filling up the pages everyday with my thoughts and quotes I like, and slowly destroying it at the same time. Smith calls it "Creative Destruction"; I absolutely love it. I've always given so much power to words, saved every last paper or draft I've ever written. The process of writing and wrecking has been cathartic. I don't want to simply throw away the journal. The point isn't to annihilate the poor book; the purpose is to create art. Smith puts these little messages on each page with various instructions: spill coffee on this page, paint over the words, drag or drop the journal, even take the thing in the shower with you! It's almost like the words on the page are the canvas, and the destruction is the art. It's really beautiful.

It brings to mind the inspirational words of Tyler Durden: "Self improvement is masturbation; self destruction is the answer."